HoneyBadger sketches (Page 2)

Updated: 8/10/2000

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Anything vainer than a furry?

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sktchs04.jpg A couple of pointless HoneyBadger head sketches.
mouth001.jpg mouth002.jpg I wanted to see what HoneyBadger would look like with more prominantly drawn teeth.  I usually draw the character with no visible teeth at all.  So here are a couple of drawings that show HoneyBadger's teeth. :D
ribbon01.jpg Phoenix Decatur tied a bow around HoneyBadger's neck the other night in the burrow, and this idea just popped into my head. :D  I probably shouldn't have drawn it, let alone posted it, but some ideas are just too hard to resist. :D
ribbon02.jpg Ok, ok. :D  Here's a cutsey sketch of HoneyBadger with Phoenix Decatur's ribbon around her neck.  I'm thinking of doing a color version of this, but I don't want to give anyone cavities. :D
ky00t001.jpg I've had a few people express an interest in 'sexy' piccies of HoneyBadger.  The suggestion's even come up that I draw her wearing (shudder) clothes. :D  Well, I don't know how sexy a toony ratel can be, but this piccie's pretty pukey-ky00t. :D
boots001.jpg Some folks have suggested that I draw some 'cute' piccies of HoneyBadger.  Well, here's one of Honey wearing a pair of knee boots a-la Princess Sally.
boots002.jpg Whoops! Don't get caught wearing some other gal's outfit! :D
honeyb01.jpg honeyb02.jpg A couple more 'cutie' pictures of HoneyBadger.  (Down boys! :D )
crowbar1.jpg HoneyBadger with a crowbar. :)
cheese01.jpg Cheesecake anyone? :D
cheese02.jpg How about this, then? :D (This is really too much! :D )
stepup01.jpg An attempt to do an interesting pose.  Maybe I should just stick to furs standing around doing nothing. :D
decor001.jpg HoneyBadger hauling out the box o' decorations; for birthdays and such.
howto_03.jpg A couple of furs expressed an interest in how I draw HoneyBadger, so here's a breakdown of a simple head drawing.  Yes, the secret's out.  Honey has a flat head. :D
switch01.jpg A sketch for another of those dye-job piccies.
fshnet01.jpg I don't remember who suggested this, but here's HoneyBadger in fishnet stockings. :D
honeyb05.jpg This started out as a pose idea for the following picture.  I didn't like the way it was going, so it just wound up as a drawing of HoneyBadger in one of those sort of floating anime-like poses.
implnts1.jpg Implants! HoneyBadger finds herself fitted with various 'enhancements' people have suggested.  Some days, it just doesn't pay to get out of bed. :D

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