General furry sketches (Page 63)

Updated: 11/21/2009

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epiphany001.jpg Oh, just your standard, anime-ish concept, where the heroine has some sort of mystic epiphany, which apparently induces bouts of levitation...
spoiled_princess_002.jpg Brat cat. :)
jockette_skunk_001.jpg A skunk jockette.

I think she's playing soccer. :D

serval002.jpg Inked and colored version of this picture of a serval gal wearing some sort of jump-suit.
I guess she's some sort of a space cadet... or a futuristic garbage collector. :)
look001.jpg Canid gal (jackal, I think) giving the viewer "a look".
Jenny001.jpg Inked and colored version of this drawing of some sort of an athletic (or super hero?) mousie.

It seems that her name is Jenny.  I don't know why; it just is. :)

Oh, and she wants everyone to know that her boot are not pink.  They're magenta. :)

otter_swim_001.jpg Just a generic otter gal, swimming.
pantydance001.jpg Oh wow... I drew a horse! :D  This is note-worthy, 'cause I've always had such a hard time drawing equines; I can never get them right.  I think this one turned out OK, though. :)

A pretty filly doing a PG "panty dance". :)

waiting002.jpg As I mentioned in the description for the original pencil drawing of this picture, it was inspired by one brief shot in the movie Oldboy, although apart from vaguely resembling the shot, it really has nothing to do with that movie. :)

I do recommend the movie, though, although it's rather dark and nasty; a real mind-f***. :D

mousedash001.jpg Mediocre drawing of a running mouse.
lookup002.jpg A an exercise in extreme angles.  Goodness, but that's a lot of cleavage. :)

Cute face, too.

Actually, I think that I like her pudgy little tummy best, though.  I think it's cute. :D

dockmice002.jpg Just in time for the end of summer, here's the inked and colored version of this picture of three friends enjoying a sunny day at the lake.

(Yes, that was all one sentence. :D )

hy00man001.jpg Yes, it's a hy00man. You may avert your eyes. :D

Hy00mans are much tougher to draw than furries.  The brain has a lot of circuitry devoted to analyzing faces, and is difficult to fool, so you can't get away with as much with a drawing of a human face.

skunkette005.jpg I had a wonderful image, in my head, of a pretty little skunkette.

Unfortunately, this is what came out on paper. :/  I'll keep trying.

kitty012.jpg Just a random, pretty, curvy, bubble-busted kitty gal. :)

Original pencil drawing is here.

catgirl002.jpg Random catgirl.

The idea here was to do something resembling a model sheet.

mousie013.jpg Awww... Cute l'il mousie. :)

Original pencil drawing here.

sandlot_skunkette001.jpg Heh.  Have no idea what corner of my brain this popped out of. :)  I think she's a bit of a tomboy.
mousie014.jpg Oooo....  Pretty cowgirl mousie. :)
foxyboxing001.jpg A fairly obvious drawing concept. :)

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