General furry sketches (Page 61)

Updated: 6/20/2009

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skunkturn002.jpg Inked and colored version of this drawing of a skunkette making an abrupt turn in mid dash.
attitude001.jpg Schoolgirl rat with a bad attitude. :D

She kind of reminds me of Rubella on Tiny Toons.

rock001.jpg I don't really know what's going on here.  Is she headbanging? Rocking back in reaction to some sort of mystic experience? Drying her hair?
bunizon002.jpg Inked and colored version of this picture of a fearsome (and shapely!) Bunizon warrior.
batty001.jpg She sure is! :D
dockmice001.jpg Three pretty murine friends enjoying a pleasant summer day at the lake. :)
lioness004.jpg Just a pretty lioness.  I wonder why she looks so sad.

I think I see a definite Bagi influence in this drawing...

surprise!002.jpg Surprise! :D

This isn't the first time I've addressed the theme of a murine lothario making advances on a comely feline femme, who is out of his league (and size range)... and possibly even a danger to his well-being. :D  Another example here.  I guess there must be something about the theme that appeals to me. :)

Oh, and this is the inked and colored version of this drawing. :)

kitty010.jpg Just another cute, bubble-busted, kitty gal. :)
alertskunkette002.jpg Inked and colored version of this picture.  I'm not sure there's really anything supposed to be going on here, I just liked the dynamic of the pose. :)
anime_eyes_001.jpg Sketches, practicing anime-style eyes; apparently not something I'm ever going to master. :)
pinup009.jpg Pretty skunkette in a rather modest pin-up pose. :)  This was really supposed to be all about the eyes. (Honest!)
vixen123.jpg Inked and colored version of this rather generic vixen pin-up drawing.
sonicycritter003.jpg Another bubble-breasted toony sonicy critter.  I think she's a hedgehog.

I seem to be on a spherical "balloon bazoom" kick lately.  I should attempt some bewbies of a more realistic shape and size. :D

mousie012.jpg There.  Here's a cute mousie gal with a more "achievable" figure. :)

Notice how not having ginormous ta-tas does not make the character any less cute. :)

staring002.jpg Inked and colored version of this silly drawing. ^_^
glasses001.jpg Random pretty gal (feline, I think) with glasses.

Glasses seem to be one of my hot buttons.  I think it's because they imply intelligence, and I'm only attracted to smart girls. :)

vixen124.jpg Random, somewhat feline-looking, vixen.
morose001.jpg Random vixen, looking sad.
tribalhogette001.jpg A tribal, sonic-y hedgehogette.  The outfit needs more detail; like laces or something.
(Or iron girders! Geeze, I've done it again! :D )

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