General furry sketches (Page 56)

Updated: 9/13/2008

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rattiecool002.jpg It's that rattie gal again; the one I was so smitten with. :)  Doesn't really look much like her, I suppose, except maybe the attitude... chillin' and lookin' cool. :D

Oh yeah... it's the inked and colored version of this picture. :)

prancingpony001.jpg Something in a MLP vein. :)
salute001.jpg Don't really know who or what she is. :D  Something Sonic-y, I guess.
rlyqt002.jpg Inked and colored version of this picture.  I was trying to draw something "really cute".  I think I'd call this a succeess, along those lines. :)

I'm not quite sure what sort of creature she is.  I think maybe she's a wallaby.

rattieshorts001.jpg It's that rattie again.  I can't seem to quite shake her off entirely, can I? She's kind of like a bad cold. :D
merganser001.jpg I've never had much luck drawing anthropomorphic birds, particularly ducks.  Their beaks/bills are just too hard.  That's why I'm kind of surprised at how well this little doodle turned out.

I like her.  I think she's got attitude. }:)

snaggletooth001.jpg Just a very chipper, snaggle-toothed kitty gal. :)
gravidkitty003.jpg Inked and colored version of this picture: an expectant kitty lady who looks about ready to pop! :D
beachvix001.jpg Just a sexy vixen, showing off her cute beach outfit. :)
chibicoon001.jpg A somewhat chibi-fied version of my one-legged raccoon gal. :)
rattie008.jpg Just a portrait of the rattie.  Inspired by a day when she was looking particularly beautiful. :)

I think I'll color this one right away.  partly 'cause I like it, and partly to fix some stuff that's a little off.

foxie001.jpg Just a random, cute, sonic-y vixen. :)
ahem001.jpg Another drawing along the lines of "be careful where you're staring." :D

To be honest, though, I do love a gal with a sexy pair of collarbones. O:)

bodystocking001.jpg I wanted to draw a character who's markings would resemble a figure-flattering body stocking.  This rather mediocre drawing was the result. :)
rattie009.jpg Inked and colored version of this portrait of that rattie I'm rather in love with.
emovixen001.jpg Kassandra suggested that I draw an "emo" vixen, but neither of us could figure out exactly what characteristics would clearly indicate "emo".

So here's a sad-looking vixen, anyways. :D

grumpyrattie001.jpg Well! Looks like someone's in a bad mood. :D
sillypuppy001.jpg I think she wants to play. :)
mousiedancer001.jpg Dancing mousie gal.  I guess she could be a raver, but if she is, then she's a pretty subdued raver... which I think is an oxymoron. :D
Peaches001.jpg Inked and colored version of this picture.  A dark and gloomy vixen struggles to work through her horrible depression issues. :)

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