General furry sketches (Page 50)

Updated: 11/24/2007

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catgirl001.jpg Hmm... She has a rather sly expression.  I think she's up to something!
tigressbath002.jpg A beautiful tigress prepares to step into the river for her bath, giving you a 'come hither' look which seems to say... "Why does everyone want to see my boobies? Don't you creeps have anything better to do?!" :)

Inked and colored version of this pencil drawing.

chibidancers001.jpg Just a couple of chibi(ish) gals having a good time. :)
CaramelDansen001.jpg OMG! It's a virus....  I mean... a meme. :D  The "Sonic-y Trio" trying to do that 'Dansen' thing.
birdgirl001.jpg Just a cute birdie girl (not sure what kind yet) striking a pose.
tigress001.jpg Rowr! A fiercesome tigress, ready to mix it up.
chibivixenprincess001.jpg Here we have a cute little spoiled-rotten chibi vixen princess, probably looking for some hapless peasant to tease and torment. :D
rattiebubble001.jpg Ratties....

Ah yes... ratties....

Rude, ill-mannered, annoying, petulant, aggravating, socially retarded, irritating, adorable ratties.

angelferret003.jpg This is an angel ferret character I drew posing nekkid in the adult section.  Kassandra thought she was purty, and requested a picture of her with her clothes on. :D  I think Kassandra's right; she's a really cute character. :)
Miss_Kitty_002.jpg So... do you feel lucky, punk? ;D
boots_n_bottoms_001.jpg A couple of vixens, doing some sort of anime-ish action heroine kind of thing... although frankly, I'm pretty sure they're main objective is just to look really hot. :D
angelferret004.jpg Inked and colored version of this drawing of an unnamed angel ferret gal.
snakewoman001.jpg A snake woman...  Not that it's easy to tell a snake woman from a lizard woman, when she's got arms and legs and all. :)
gravidbunny001.jpg An expectant bunny gal...  Aren't they all? :D
bunnygal002.jpg Random cute bunny gal, dressed in an outfit which is probably intended as much to provoke the ire of her parents as to cause male to hurl themselves at her feet, and which is probably pretty effective at both. :)
roar001.jpg Drawing inspired by (OK, painfully derivative of) Osamu Tezuka's Bagi ( バギ ).

Something about that movie really got to me, and got me to thinking.  To read a rather verbose screed on the subject, click here.

rattie_eartug002.jpg Inked and colored version of this picture.  It's that rattie again... so special, so odd, so badly drawn. :D
wildsquirrel002.jpg A fierce-looking jungle (or cave) squirrel gal.  Inked and colored version of this pencil drawing.
attack!002.jpg Two pictures in a row of savage-looking gals armed with stone weapons.  I must have been on a cave-girl kick, or something. :D
This is the inked and colored version of this drawing.

(And yeah, I was so tempted to color her pink, but resisted the impulse. :D )

sadrattie001.jpg Sometimes the rattie looks sad.  I wonder why, but it's none of my business, so I just let her be.

I wish it were my business, of course, but it isn't. :)

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