General furry sketches (Page 4)

Updated: 8/8/2000

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mouse016.jpg A rough sketch of a mousie, which I think came out kind of cute. :)
anhead04.jpg Catgirl head with a strong anime influence.
sqrl_002.jpg Cute squirrel girl.
racc_002.jpg A raccoon girl.  Yes, it resembles my drawing of Lariana, and is certainly inspired by that drawing, but it's not really meant to be her. :)
crit_011.jpg A critter.  I guess it's a variation on the raccoon girl, but I didn't draw the mask.  I bogged down on the hands, too. :/
crit_012.jpg Another critter.  It's got kind of a foxy snout, and cat ears.   I'm not sure what it is. :D  Obviously, another experiment with the kind of eyes I used for the raccoon girl.
tiger_02.jpg Just a tiger head that popped out while I was doodling.
mouse018.jpg Another pointless head sketch of a cute mousie. :)
vixen028.jpg A reclining vixen sketch.  Trying some different eyes and a mouth.
heads_14.jpg Just a page full of random, toony heads. :D
heads_15.jpg More heads, in a couple of styles.
head_014.jpg Another random furry head, this time, in a somewhat different style.   I think it looks kind of like a bear.
vixen029.jpg A vixen.  The style is derivative, but I don't know the artist's name; mostly because I can't decipher his signature. :/
roo_001.jpg I felt like drawing a roo.  So here's a roo. :)
bianca04.jpg bianca05.jpg I've been working on a design for Steve Plunkett's new bunny puppet, Bianca.  Here's a head sketch and the completed head model.  Now, to work on the full-body models.
I've been working on a drawing request for a character named Poppy Thistletaile.  Here are some concept sketches.
poppy006.jpg poppy007.jpg poppy008.jpg poppy009.jpg
poppy010.jpg Here's the final portrait of Poppy Thistletaile, who is ©1998 by Lindsey Wagner.

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