General furry sketches (Page 30)

Updated: 6/23/2001

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spacevixens002.jpg Space Vixens! :D
I finally got around to coloring spvix001.jpg, a little pencil drawing I did back in September of 2000.  I'm fairly happy with the way it turned out.  I like the way their distict personalities come through quite strongly. :)

(PS: anyone else still freaked out at referring to the year 2000 in the past tense? :D )

bunny051.jpg A bunny, running toward the viewer, apparently with some sort of urgency.  Perhaps she wants to be saved from a pursuing monster? Or maybe she doesn't want you to stick that fork in the toaster. :)
vixen108.jpg This one is derivative of a really cute picture I saw titled 'Moondancer'.  I wanted to have a go at drawing her eyes, 'cause the style is so nice. :)  Unfortunately, the artwork didn't have any sort of signiture, and I don't recall where I got it, so I'm unable to give proper attribution. :/
sketches_012.jpg Just a couple of sketches I thought were cute enough to share. :)
flower02.jpg I know this drawing has some major flaws, but I like it anyway. :)  Even though the pencil drawing didn't get much of a response, I decided to color it.  I think it's sweet. :)  A wolf, offering his vixen love a flower.
cat_045.jpg Just a quick drawing of a scampering cat-girl.  I like that right foot. :)
doodles002.jpg Just a doodle page I liked.  I was going to crop it to just the head at the bottom, but then I thought that maybe folks would like to see the doodling process.  When I have no ideas, which is often, I just start with circles, and sometimes something appears after a bit.  It's better when I have a clear idea of what I want to be drawing, though.
mice004.jpg Three mice, drawn in different styles.  This started as just an idle doodle, but I think they make a nice group.  Maybe they drive around in a van, solving mysteries.  Or perhaps they run a neighborhood cafe.  I don't know. :)
wolf_f12.jpg A doodle of a generic wolf gal.
bunny052.jpg A bit of a departure for me.  Here's a non-morphic bunny.
cat_046.jpg A doodle of a generic, curvy cat lady. :)
sketches_015.jpg sketches_016.jpg Various sketches, of the sort I do when I'm stuck (as I've been for the past couple of weeks).
snarl002.jpg This resulted from my frustration at my dry spell.  Might have helped me get over it, though. :)
bunny055.jpg Basically, just trying a different way of drawing eyes.  These were modeled after some drawn by Melissa Loh
ferret05.jpg This is a 'figure study' of a pose I like -- the cocked hip stance. :)
conversation002.jpg Two furs having a conversation.  Basically just pose and figure drawing practice.
face_005.jpg Just a face/hair study, taken from a photograph I liked of a pretty young lady. :)
jump002.jpg This started out as just a random 'warm-up' doodle, but somehow turned into a decent drawing.  I rather like the asymmetry of her outfit. :)
amihedgehog001.jpg amihedgehog002.jpg Trying to figure out how to draw a character named Ami Hedgehog.  I like the first one better, I think. :)

Ami Hedgehog is ©2001 by her player/human/owner.

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