General furry sketches (Page 24)

Updated: 9/9/2000

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otter010.jpg I see a definite Shawntae Howard influence in this one.
bunny034.jpg Just a generic, cute bunny gal.
mouse044.jpg Cute mousie in a bikini.
crit_023.jpg head_041.jpg Another generic critter and generic head.
vixen102.jpg This is kind of a figure study, more than anything else, which is why it's such an odd 'un-pose'.
head_042.jpg 'Nother generic, drab head.
mice003.jpg Three generic mice, but each done in a different style.  So many different kinds of mice. :)
skunk047.jpg A generic, perky skunk-gal. :)
crit_024.jpg Just a pose sketch.
crit_025.jpg Another critter.  Is it a kangaroo rat? Or perhaps a lion lady? You decide. :)
vixen103.jpg A generic prancing vixen thing.
head_043.jpg 'Nother generic head, with a broad muzzle.
fennec01.jpg A certain someone has often requested more fennec piccies, so here's a dancing fennec gal. :)  I'm not sure her ears are large enough, though.  Got to work on that more.
sketch14.jpg These are just a couple of rough body/pose sketches that I thought looked nice enough to post.
fennec04.jpg A fennec gal at a party.  Aw... she's kind of shy. :)  The ears still aren't large enough.
crit_026.jpg Some sort of critter.  Mouse? Cat? I don't know.  She appears to be trying to think of something, and I think the effort is making her head hurt. :D
bunny036.jpg Nyah! :D
maddog01.jpg A P.O'd bit... er, dog. :)
crit_027.jpg BOO! :D
Despite the ears, this is not supposed to be a rabbit.  It's supposed to be some sort of canid, but I'm not sure exactly what kind.  A jackal, perhaps, or maybe a dingo.

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