General furry sketches (Page 20)

Updated: 8/9/2000

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fred001.jpg Another piccie request I'm working on: Fredrick the skunk boy.  I'm working on the final portrait, using this pose.  I have it fixed up and inked and will be coloring it this week, so it should be ready by next Saturday's update.
vixen088.jpg A generic cute vixen.  This was actually a bit of a design experiment.  The basic figure is constructed using four heart-shaped forms; perhaps you can see them: shoulders to waist, waist and hips (inverted heart), bust (also inverted) and the tummy.
mouse041.jpg Pointless doodle of a cute mousie girl. :)
head_037.jpg Just a goofy looking head. :D
rustie02.jpg This character started out as practice in drawing jeans.  I really liked the personality that popped up on the paper, though, so I'm planning to draw her some more. :)
rustie03.jpg Here's another drawing of Rustie.  She likes to think of herself as an outlaw, but she hasn't actually rustled anything. :D
aylah007.jpg Trying to work through a bit of a backlog of piccie requests.  Here's a character concept sketch of Aylah, a slinky vixen who's ©2000 by her player.
aylah011.jpg aylah012.jpg Here's a rough sketch and a pencil drawing for the color portrait of Aylah.
rustie04.jpg Rustie, the outlaw vixen. :)
psally14.jpg psally15.jpg The rat everyone loves to hate. :)  Yes, a couple more idle Princess Sally doodles.
ratels05.jpg I got a postcard from Alopex while he was in Hawaii.  He said all they needed were ratels in grass skirts, so here they are for him.
ratels06.jpg A color workup of the above sketch; here's HoneyBadger and two of her ratel cohorts dancing an ersatz hula for Alopex. :)
psally18.jpg Here she is, everyone's favorite rat, apparently on the attack. :D
vixen090.jpg Generic vixen, playing Tarzan.  I drew her with a somewhat different pattern of markings on her front than I usually use for vixens.  I rather like the look.
crit_018.jpg Generic critter number... uh, I've lost count. :D
rustie07.jpg rustie08.jpg rustie09.jpg More sketches of Rustie, the outlaw vixen. :)

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