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Updated: 10/2/2010

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These pictures are either my original line art, colored by others, or drawings by other artists which I inked and colored.

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Vu-Thunder2.jpg Here's a bit of an experiment.  I inked and colored a drawing of Vu's, Vu-Thunder.jpg.
Random_Catboy_by_Airiana_c.jpg This picture was a bit of an experiment.  It is a collaborative effort between myself and an artist going by the moniker 'Airiana'.  She did the line art, which I then inked and colored.
I found it rather interesting to work with someone else's lines, and get a sense of a different artistic thought process from my own.  I probably won't do a huge number of this type of collaboration, but I did find it a refreshing change of pace.
Dancing.jpg A collaboration with Airiana - I did the original line art, and she did the coloring. :)
Cartoony002.jpg Another collaboration, this time with Kendra "Kitty VanTreblis" Tafoya.  Original line art by her, and the inking and coloring by me. :)
heybaby001c.jpg Goodness.  I've really been binging on the collaborations lately. :D

Here is another collaboration with Kendra Tafoya, only this time the line art is by me, with the Kendra doing the inking and coloring.  I love her adventurous use of color and patterns.  I particularly like:

  • The weird sky, which looks kind of like they're on Mercury or something, with the sun filling the horizon. :D
  • The dendritic pattern on the beach towel, which I think resembles either a classic 1950's starburst motif, or neurons. :)
  • And the cool rose-colored glasses. :)
blah002c.jpg This is another collaboration with Kendra "Kitty VanTreblis" Tafoya: original drawing by me, coloring by her. :)  I'd have to say that computer coloring really excels over my limited colored pencil abilities when it comes to doing eyes.
Bunny_c.jpg Another collaboration with Kendra "Kitty VanTreblis" Tafoya: A cute bunny gal at the beach.  She did the line art, and I colored it.
Since the picture had already been inked, I just printed it out and colored that.  Normally, I'd trace a pencil drawing and ink it, but since Kendra had already gone to the effort to ink this drawing, it seemed wrong to replace her inking with mine.
Coloring a print out of a JPG makes for somewhat softer and fuzzier lines than I usually get, but I think that effect actually helps this picture, since the subject is soft and fuzzy. :)
cnd_c.jpg Picture collaboration with Michael "Oddtail"Sporzynski: original line art by him, and coloring by me.
I got a little confused as to what was supposed to be where on the male's right paw, so don't study that too closely. :)  (I thought he was supposed to be holding a handkerchief.)
Sparksy_smiley.jpg I doodled a little sketch of Sparks smiling in a birthday card I sent to a friend, and he was able to turn it into this professional looking piece.  Of course, it probably helps that he's a professional artist. :)
thingydonenobg.jpg Jade Nyne sent me this great computer colored version of imp001.jpg. I can't help but envy her abilities in the mastery of color gradations and shading.  As I told her, I'm proud of myself if I can manage a bit of a shadow in an armpit. :D
Embrace003.jpg Here's another collaboration.  This time, Michelle P. did the original line art, which I inked and colored.  I think she has a lot of potential.  She certainly demonstrates a better grasp of proportion and composition than I had at that stage. :)
malakcoloured.jpg Another collaboration with Jade Nyne.  She says she's not entirely satisfied with the coloring job, and I've never been entirely satisfied with the original pencil drawing (the face looks like a frickin' monkey to me). :D  Somehow, though, the end result is pretty cute. :)
girl002.jpg This is another collaboration with Michelle P.  She did the great line art, which I inked and colored.  I learned a lot about handling folds in fabric while working on this.  Fashion has never been one of my strong points - you'll see characters wearing a lot of jeans and t-shirts in my drawings - and I'm not too good at drawing any outfits that I do come up with.  Inking and coloring this gown was an education. :)
dancer_sign.jpg Michael "Oddtail" Sporzynski colored this drawing that I did of a dancing tiger girl.  I love the bright, impressionistic colors.  This piece reminds me a bit of a Gauguin, or a Van Gogh.
wolfchick02.jpg Another collaboration with Michelle P.  I inked and colored her drawing of... well, a wolf chick. :)
Keniedes001.jpg A collaboration with Kimberly Edwards.  I inked and colored her drawing of a dog boy named "Keniedes".  I think she did a pretty good job of depicting the classic slouch, and vaguely confused look common among young males. :D
Kiva001.jpg Here's another collaboration with Michelle P.  She did the original drawing, which I inked and colored.  It's her character Kiva; "a rare species of demonic vixen. with attitude. lots of attitude. and lipstick."
Alanis003.jpg Michelle P. inked and colored this pencil drawing that I did of her grizzly bear character, Alanis.  This is the character in a rather chibi form.

I think Michelle's computer coloring does much better justice to this character than my pencil coloring.  Colored pencils can't really match the dark, saturated brown of her fur, not to mention the shininess of her bright red ensemble. :)

Alanis004.jpg Here is a pencil drawing done by Michelle P. of her grizzly bear character, Alanis, which I inked and colored.

Needless to say, this is the character's more "realistic" form. ;)

Dusty_Firenze02.jpg Collaboration with Michelle P.  I inked and colored this great portrait of her fursona, Dusty Firenze.  She's a quodger: half quoll, half badger. :)
FionatheGypsyWolf001.jpg A collaboration with Kimmie Edwards: I inked and colored her line art of her character "Swooti", AKA "Fiona the Gypsy".
I think she's just cute as the dickens. :D
Lily002.jpg Collaboration with 'Scorch Silverfang'; I inked and colored this portrait of his wife, Lily. :)
NinJigsaw-002.jpg Another collaboration with Michelle P.  I inked and colored this drawing of her ninja gecko-something hybrid/mutation character, Jigsaw.

Oooo...  Sleek and shiny.  She looks dangerous. :)

cutescorch001.jpg Collaboration with Scorch Ember – he did the line art, and I inked and colored – on a picture of his character in a 'cute' style. :D
boothbabe001.jpg Collaboration with with Adam Seymour: he did the line art (a reworking of one of my Gyngerfox pictures to show her posing with a Mustang), and I did the ink and color.
lioness006.jpg A collaboration with Jessica Grisham; a somewhat "outdoorsy" looking lioness. :)
HBcollab001.jpg A collaboration piece: a portrait of HoneyBadger by an artist who wishes to remain anonymous.  Colors by me. :)

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